Player Survey – 2022

Please answer honestly, there is no identifiable information on these forms and are used to help shape the community

How long have you been part of the community? (Started 29/April/2019)

What is your age group?

What do you Identify as?

How did you find Gaming Alliance?

How often do you visit GamingAlliance.Net website?

How often do you check Discord?

General Discord

Rate 1-5, where 1= Dislike and 5=Really Like

  1 2 3 4 5
Number of Channels
Unwanted Channel Hidden by Emotes
Information about Games
Game Events
Events Streamed on Twitch
Patreons get their own private server
FunPolice protecting from Bad Words

Do you like to use Voice? (in game or in discord)

What type of player are you?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable around another player in game or in discord?

Have you experienced any discrimination (racial/gender..) within the last 6 months within this community?

Do you think there needs to be more in game moderation ?

Do you feel Gaming Alliance is a safe place to play games and meet people?

Would you like to see family oriented hosted games? (whitelisted servers, requiring a password or approval before accessing)

Would you buy any merchandise we had to offer? (shirts, stickers, mugs...)

Would you participate in Social Game events? (e.g pummel party on friday nights..)

Do you watch/follow any of the streamers listed in #streamers in discord?

Do you think Gaming Alliance is missing something? if so let us know.